The female body is made of complex parts that work well together. As the female matures from a young girl to an older woman, her body experiences many changes. One of these changes that most frequently occurs is vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness can occur due to menopause, cancer treatments, child birth, breastfeeding, and the removal of the ovaries. Vaginal dryness also can occur because of too much douching, certain types of medications, some autoimmune disorders, and lack of enough foreplay. Whatever the cause of the vaginal dryness, it leads to uncomfortable results, such as burning, itching and pain during intercourse.

There are ways to combat vaginal dryness and the cause of it. These ways all fall under the umbrella of vaginal rejuvenation. One of the ways of treating the dryness is through topical estrogen therapy. This therapy helps to replace some of the estrogen the woman’s body loses because of reasons such as menopause. Women have used about three methods of replenishing the estrogen: estrogen rings, estrogen tablets, and estrogen cream. However, they should keep in mind that there are side effects associated with taking estrogen.

Other ways of combating the dryness is to use moisturizers which restore the lubrication of the vagina, the use of water-based lubricants before engaging in intercourse, and to ensure that the women are in a completely relaxed state and a state of arousal. Treatment by the use of a vaginal laser has also been used to help women with dryness. The treatment is approved by the FDA. There are also the vaginal dilators. These plastic tubes come in sizes that allows the woman to increase her vaginal capacity little by little. They are especially effective when it has been a long time since the woman had intercourse.

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